We know. It goes against our natural instincts of keeping all things delicious and wonderful to ourselves. Except, at Tapas Rev, we’re kind of revolutionary (and humble), so we’re here to teach you The Art of Tapas: Sharing Etiquette 101.

Unlike your university days, we encourage you to settle in for your new education with cool glass of Sangria and a pitcher by your side.

Rule No. 1
Get ballsy. Now isn’t the time to be intimidated by the menu. Order boldly and mispronounce names with your friends. We love when our revellers embrace their Spanish side.

Rule No. 2
Try something new! The whole point of tapas sharing plates is the fact that everyone gets to taste a little bit of something new. Make sure to get a plate of your favourite dish, Croquetas de jamon obviously, but also snap up a bite of your pals Arroz negro. Black rice with prawns and squid anyone? It might just become your new go-to tapas order. Thank your mates.

Rule No. 3
Order more than you think you need. Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Not when it comes to tapas my friend. We recommend getting at least five to six dishes to start and share with your table. Remember, at Tapas Revolution the meal certainly doesn’t end when you finish your first plate. 

Rule No. 4
Tapas is best appreciated when you split a pitcher of our famous Sangria, don’t you think? If Sangria doesn’t tickle your fancy, we say go for the Cava. Cheers to that!

Rule No. 5
HAVE FUN. Enjoying tapas isn’t about following the rules; it’s about getting stuck in, eating delicious food and having an incredible experience with friends, partners and family. What more could you want?

We’re not just a restaurant after all, we’re a Tapas Revolution.