Speak Spanish Wine Like You're Bilingual

Before we get ahead of ourselves, don’t worry if you haven’t passed your Spanish A-level. If only we were taught with wine and food, things might be different…

Now it’s your chance to impress your dates and your mates by learning to speak Spanish wine like you’re practically bilingual. Right or wrong, you’ll still be rewarded with a class of vino. 

Vino Blanco (Bee-noh, blahn-koh)
We’re going basic on this, it means white wine. Impress your date by asking about the wines from Galicia (GAH-LISS-E-UH). It doesn’t matter what they bring, it’s Spanish wine and you’re going to amor it. 

Vino Tinto (Bee-noh, teen-toh)
Shockingly, this means red wine. Kick off the month of love by ordering the Cerro Añon Rioja Crianza. You know when you order a Rioja ( ree-aw-hah) you’re going to fall head over Spanish steps for this baby. This wine contains a fruity nose and spicy aromas from cask ageing. And it’s perfect for tapas. You’ve obviously come to the right place.

Vino Rosado (r-oh-s-ah-doh)
We love to relax with a glass of rose and this one in particular from the menu is ahem – suggestive. The Libido Rosado Garnacha from Navarra includes wild red berries nose, medium-bodied. Yes, we do enjoy the medium bodied Libido…

Cava (kah-vah)
Ah we love a glass of Cava. Sparkling wine at its finest. Choose from Canals y Nuviola Plata Brut or the Marta Pasió Rosado Reserva 2011 rosé. Mmmm so sparkly, so good. 

Sangria (sahng-gree-ah)
Last but not least, it’s not really a tapas night without a pitcher of our famed Sangria. Our favourite is the Sangría de la casa (the house Sangria, you know).