Join Us For Paella Easter Weekend - #PAELLAFORTHEPEOPLE

This year National Paella Day is on the 27th of March and we’re extending our Celebrations for the whole weekend. Paella these days comes in all shapes in sizes. Some of them would make Valencians feel faint, but here in Tapas Revolution we make it the traditional way, with chicken, butter beans, sweet paprika, saffron and Spanish rice. We want you to try Paella as it should be, that’s why, from Friday, the 25th till Monday, the 28th, you can enjoy a glass of Sangria* on us when you order a Paella Valenciana or a Paella de Verduras.


As well as the name for the pan used for this delicacy, Paella is widely regarded as Spain’s national dish with firm roots in Valencia dating back to the 18th century. It is not a seafood dish as commonly mistaken for but rather a rice dish. Paella Valenciana is made up of chicken, pork and rabbit, though in older (poorer) times, snails were often included.


Bomba rice is one of the most expensive varieties of rice from Spain and known for its non-stick properties. It is short-grained with a pearl-white colour and a uniform consistency. One important property of Bomba is its ability to absorb five times its volume in water without bursting. This allows the Bomba rice to soak up all the flavours from the sweet paprika, garlic, saffron and other spices.


Seafood Paella is also considered an authentic recipe as Valencians on the Mediterranean coast used seafood instead of meat and beans to make paella. In Spain, combining meat and seafood in a Paella is very popular and described as a mixed Paella, however, Valencians insist only the original two Valencian recipes are authentic. They generally view all others as inferior, not genuine or even an insult to their heritage. Having said that, in the region, they cook similar dishes with endless varieties of flavours and combinations, yet instead of calling them paellas, they are known as Arroz, the Spanish for rice dishes.

*T's and C's: 1. Not available in Sheffield. 2. Offer applies to Tapas Sized Paella de Pollo or Paella de Verduras in Westfield London, Bluewater and Birmingham Grand Central. 3. 2 glasses of sangria per 2 people in Shoreditch if Paella to share is purchased. 4. Only one sangria glass per person per visit. 5. Offer not valid with any set menus or lunch deals.